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Dip Dye at Salon Vim

Friday, April 20, 2012
Hello! I'm finally doing up a post on the dip-dye I did at Salon Vim about 2 weeks ago! :)
I loved the result & especially how they took so much care of my hair to help it stay healthy despite the bleaching (especially at the bottom).

Random picture I found of me with my old hair as a sort of "Before" picture!
I think this is the stillshot captured when I did my Poetree video!

So anyway it was my first time down at Salon Vim, which is conveniently located in town!
313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09

I was assigned one specific hairstylist to do all my future hair appointments with, so that she can learn about my hair type & likes specifically to cater more to my needs (or my hair's needs rather).
They literally have an appointment card with your hair type, length... etc.

The above is a chart showing the different products that Salon Vim uses from L'Oreal Professional & they have so many... O.O products for all kinds of hair types, hair treatments, hair services done...

It was my fair time getting a hair treatment done too! 
I didn't really know what was going on & left them to it.
Here are the L'Oreal Professional products they used for me:

They're specially selected based on what I was doing that day!
(Touch-up of roots & bleaching of the bottom to get the dip-dye effect)

They used #2 of the top (pink) row, which is a range for coloured hair!
#2 is for locking in the hair colour after dyeing.

I think the bulk of the rest that they used for my treatment is from the 2nd row, orange-coloured!
It's all about restoring the hair & making it healthy again despite the stuff done to it!

They applied the stuff & used this machine below:


Never seen this machine before. It's kind of like a steamer!
They repeated the process a few times: apply, steam, apply, steam

No wonder my hair came out looking so nice at the end of the visit!
They also gave me some take-home L'Oreal Professional products to help improve my hair's condition.

Shampoo from the Vitamino (for coloured hair) range & hair mask from Force Vector (hair fall)!

Vitamino Colour Shampoo

Force Vector Masque 
(not Mask meh?)
(my spell-check didn't underline it)
(I'll go check the spell-check dictionary)
(wtf it's an alternative spelling? Since when?)
(it's the equivalent of "mask" in French anyway)

Ok anyway... Done with my hair!
Asked them to blow-dry it with curls :D


My hair has a few streaks here & there of the same colour as the bottom!
My stylist suggested it & I think the highlights are a great idea! Maybe I'll get more :D

This is my stylist, Stephanie!
You can look for her if you go down to the salon!
(but try to make an appointment first)

Went home & took loads of photos because my hair was so nice that day!

I have more (LOL) so here's just a few...
I loosened the curls a little after dinner at 313!





My hair was so soft & nice! 

On normal days it is NEVER like this O.O
I have been lazy with using the hair mask/masque & shampoo...

Still using up my old bottle! But I wanna do more colours with the dip-dyed bottom so I'm going to have to start with the products they passed me! My contingency plan is to chop it all off, that's why I picked dip-dye in the first place haha. And I didn't want to bleach the top because it'll hurt my scalp!
Salon Vim did a really good job with my hair though, happy! :D

313 @ Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09

Opening Hours :
Monday to Friday 11am - 9.30pm
Saturday to Sunday 10.30am - 9.30pm


AND... they have a promotion/giveaway right now!


Every Friday starting from 13th April - 11th May 2012, they will be choosing a lucky winner who will be entiled to a Series Nature pampering treatment down at Salon Vim!

"Like" & "Share" the photo above (which can be found on their FB page)
Screenshot your profile to show that you shared the photo!
Comment on their album with "I WANT THE FREE HAIR TREATMENT SALON VIM!"

With every purchase of 2 Series Nature products, you will be entitled to 20% discount off all full prices hair services, valid on the day of purchase itself or on the next visit!
L'Oreal Professional will also be giving away mini potted plants (while stocks last).

♥ ♥ 

P.S. Some of you asked how much the dip-dye would cost - $45 onwards for bleaching
(depending on the amount to bleach, so do dip-dye instead of ombré haha).
There are additional charges if you require toning/treatments after bleaching!

Quote my name to get 10% off all salon services for your first visit!
Subsequently you can sign on as a Salon Vim member, which will entitle you to 15% for each visit! :)
8 comments on "Dip Dye at Salon Vim"
  1. The dip dye looks nice on you.
    Especially since your hair is super long! Would you consider wilder colours (e.g pink/turquoise) one day? Haha.

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    hi! can i ask where u got your flower headband thing from? Thanks~!

  3. Anonymous10:13 PM

    The dip dye is nice! Really suits you and something different :)

  4. Sapphirone: YES! That's my plan! I'm gonna go lighter the next time round so it should end up platinum blonde, then from there I can do colours more easily! :)

    Jannatul: Thank you :)

    Anonymous: I got it online from a girl who makes them! If you want you can email me & I'll try to search for her contact. Anyway I'm wearing two, one is from her & the other from Diva! Diva & F21 have flower wreaths/bands!

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      Can you still contact the maker of the flower wreaths? I would love to purchase it!

  5. Your before hair look much healthy & silky. The dip dye makes your hair look unhealthy.

  6. Anonymous5:45 PM

    hello sophie! whats the lipstick you use in the post?? Thank you!