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Pink Box

Thursday, July 19, 2012
Etude House sent me another box of stuff to review & this time it contained even more cute stuff!

So many miscellaneous cute things like the ribbon scissors, nail "polish" stickers & lip-shaped sponge!
I didn't even know they retail other stuff besides makeup.
They even have bath foam & the cute strawberry sponge to go with it!

At first look I too was skeptical... Simi sai (what the shit) rubber band?
How does a rubber band come in "solid" outlines like a strawberry & cupcake?
But it really does stretch & act like a normal hair tie!

Anyway so firstly I looked at trying the makeup!
One of the main items that's popular nowadays would be... BB Cream!

Brace yourselves, no-makeup pictures ahead!
Actually previously I was quite self-conscious about it but over time I became more ok with it.

What the shit I have double eyebags.

Haven't you guys yet developed anti-eyebag stuff that WORKS?!

Anyway to put it simply, BB Cream is tinted sunscreen (tinted skin colour obviously).

It's great  alternative for girls who don't like the thicker feel of foundation & who don't really need it, as foundation provides thicker coverage than BB Cream does. 
BB Cream is basically like a light version of foundation.

Their latest BB Cream is called Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF50+!
It is meant to have 3 main winning points: 1) Long-lasting, 2) Brightening & 3) UV Protection

And look at the unique application!

It has a sponge top that allows you to directly smoothen the BB Cream unto your skin, but if you prefer dabbing with your finger/other sponge/brush you still can. The application reminds me of the whitening cream we used to put on our school shoes! LOL.

Next up is their Precious Mineral BB Sun Pact!
It similarly has a SPF50+ & is a pressed powder that helps to make your skin look matte & brighter.

Powders are good to "seal" in your makeup & remove oily shine from your face!

With BB Cream + pressed powder:
Eyebags are bohpian.
Eyebags are 3D hahaha. Can't be made invisible through tinted creams.

Here are the 2 cute blushers they sent me!
One light pink & one peach.

Cute puffs too.
Decided to try the ~ peach ~ one

Left: #1 Strawberry Mousse
Right: #5 Apricot Pudding

This particular range of blushers (see last month's in THIS post) is quite sheer!
I spammed mad a lot on my left cheek to show you guys lol.

If it still doesn't look that obvious to you then tilt your screen backwards (meaning my chin comes forward haha). No really, do it I swear. The peach becomes damn pixelated lol.

So anyway if you prefer subtle blushers then this would be good for you!

Didn't notice at first that these were lip tints; assumed they were lipglosses.

Left: #2 something something
Right: #1 something something

LOL sorry but the name is in Korean -_-
Anyway this range is called Dear Darling Neon Tint so it shouldn't be hard to locate with the model #

Anyway this is where I was surprised, because I've never actually used lip tints before & didn't have any real knowledge of how they're different from lipsticks/lipglosses. Usually I use a lipstick.

Wiped off the lip tint right after applying it & taking the photo:


Omg you know if it's a lipstick it will be like at least 80% gone?! But here the colour is still very distinct!
Normally my lipstick is gone right after eating or drinking & I'm damn lazy to reapply.
This is awesome lah!

It literally tints your lips! Yah I know it should be obvious enough from the name haha.
And don't worry, you can use makeup remover to remove it. Many common makeup removers are for eyes & lips because that's where most colour is (foundation skin tone what...)

Eh I honestly think it was pretty cool so I wanna start using it!
Maybe I'll layer it under my lipstick? So when my lipstick is gone at least there's still a bit of colour.

The pink! Comes off as quite a pretty pink; not as neon as it looks in the bottle.

The orange pleasantly surprised me!
I was kinda like... "dafuq this is bright orange like pumpkin like this"
Turned out to be quite nice leh!

Even bothered to put on a hair accessory to match it:

Ok sorry here look a bit deadpan luh.

Not bad right!

Looks quite dressed up although I have no eyeliner/mascara/eyeshadow on!
If you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen the two pictures I posted with this look ^^

And lastly I decided to apply the coral nail polish they sent me previously!

Check out their Facebook page to ask questions or for little beauty tips & tricks!
I just saw one that says you can use loose powder to remove grease from your hair O.O
Someone commented that Michelle Phan recommended that too!

Omg one of you go try it please & tell me if it works haha.
This could revolutionize life for lazy hair-washers lolol.
9 comments on "Pink Box"
  1. you look fine without makeup!!
    all the stuff Etude sent you is irresistibly cute! especially the strawberry sponge!
    Krissy xoxo ~

  2. so that concealer i guess

  3. I love the idea of lip tints! But I wonder why they don't come in 'normal colours'

  4. I like the orange colour! its really unique. And you look pretty in it!

  5. Etude house products are cute! I would love to try them out XD

  6. You look good without makeup! :3
    I really liked the BB Cream and the Lip tints o: !

  7. OMG I think I need to go shop in Etude House ASAP. I want a lip tint :3 and they always have cute looking products!

  8. Hi babe, girl with (almost) the same name as I! :) First time on your blog. I likey! Nice pictures that you took and cute stuff from Etude House! xx

  9. Anonymous4:36 AM

    You are wearing the liptints a bit wrong. They should be applied in the centre of you lips. It should look like you've be suckin on a lollipop. Check out the MV for Miss A-Touch. They are wearing it supersexy:)